Bilateral Knee Replacement

bilateral kneesMany patients who are candidates for knee replacement surgery have symptoms of pain and debilitating arthritis in both knees. Often, these patients are interested in determining the feasibility to have both knees replaced simultaneously. How do you know if you qualify to have bilateral knee replacement?

Bilateral knee replacement surgery is not for everyone.The best candidates for consideration are those that are in good general health and reasonably fit, with no cardiovascular problems The factors that make this surgery inadvisable would include patient obesity and poor general health. It is also important to consider the impact that other conditions might have on a patient postoperatively, that would make it difficult for them to support their weight on both operated knees. Rehabilitation is more difficult after bilateral knee replacement because the patient if left with two operated knees that will be painful and stiff. The patient must be fully-committed to participating in their rehabilitation to achieve the best results.

Dr. Robert Snyder, who performs knee replacement and partial knee replacement surgery, has extensive experience in performing these procedures. If you are considering this surgery, Dr. Snyder would be happy to discuss your condition and to help you decide if this surgical option is the right one for you. Call the Orthopaedic and Spine Center in Newport News at 757-596-1900 to make an appointment.