OSC Sponsors Rare Turtle Exhibit at the Virginia Living Museum

The Physicians at Orthopaedic & Spine Center are sponsoring an exhibit dedicated to the conservation of the rare Spotted Turtle.  With its habitats in decline due to the loss of wetlands and because of their being illegally captured for sale to pet dealers, the Spotted Turtle populations in Virginia are in danger. There are three… Read more »

May OSC Community Lecture Features Dr. Jeffrey Carlson – Neck, Back and Spine Conditions

Join Dr. Jeffrey Carlson as he discusses common disorders of the neck, back and spine.  Arthritis, spinal stenosis, bulging or herniated discs, scoliosis and many other conditions will be discussed and Dr. Carlson will talk about the most effective conservative and surgical treatment options.  Most spine conditions can be treated effectively without surgery.  When surgery… Read more »

What are Modalities and how are they Used in Physical Therapy?

 by Victoria Bartnikowski, LPTA Dictionary.com defines a modality as: “Medicine/Medical- the application of a therapeutic agent, usually a physical therapeutic agent”. It is also expected that the use of a modality will produce some sort of physiologic response or change. So, it follows that treatments that we provide to patients for their musculoskeletal problems can… Read more »

April Community Lecture Features Dr. John Burrow – Effective Treatments for Hips and Knees

Are you suffering from knee or hip pain and need surgery? Overcoming Arthritis Pain: Effective Treatment for Hips and Knees Join Dr. John Burrow as he discusses treatment options for painful arthritis of the hip and knee. Learn about the latest non-surgical and surgical options for relieving pain and restoring function. MAKOplasty, computer-navigation, Jiffy Hip,… Read more »

April Community Lecture Features Dr. Jenny Andrus & Prolotherapy for Pain Relief

Are you in pain and seeking treatment options other than surgery and medication? Join Dr. Jenny Andrus as she discusses Prolotherapy, a Regenerative Medicine (RM) treatment that is used to treat painful musculoskeletal conditions such as tendinitis, osteoarthritis, muscle and tendon laxity and low back pain. By injecting a solution which irritates damaged tissue, the… Read more »

Plantar Fibroma

by Boyd W. Haynes III, MD The human body, while amazing in structure and function, is prone to getting little lumps, cysts and other small, usually benign growths, especially as we age.  As an orthopaedist, I see patients every day who have these, which we treat conservatively and they eventually resolve.  One of these musculoskeletal… Read more »

Is Stem Cell Therapy Right for you?

Our Regenerative Medicine Team Offers Free Diagnostic Image/Report Review Have you been considering stem cell therapy, but are unsure if it is appropriate for your condition?  The Regenerative Medicine Team at OSC is now offering free diagnostic image/report reviews! Here’s how it works: Option 1 – Call 757-596-1900 and ask about Free Diagnostic Image review… Read more »