The Top Two Causes for Heel Pain

Joel D. Stewart, MD As a busy foot and ankle specialist, I often see patients complaining of heel pain.  Here, I’ll discuss the two most common reasons for heel pain and how they are treated. Plantar Fasciitis – The way I hear patients describe the pain they feel from Plantar Fasciitis is pretty much the… Read more »

OSC Cares About Your Safety – We’ve Implemented a New Check-in Process for our Patients

OSC is committed to the safety of our patients and employees. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’re limiting access to our medical offices. Patients who have non-procedure Orthopaedic & Pain Management appointments will be directed to check-in by OSC staff stationed at our front door. We’ll have markers placed at 6 foot intervals to allow… Read more »

Why Do I Have More Pain During Self-Quarantine at Home with my Family?

Emily A. Ludwig, PsyD Picture this…your entire family, sitting around the kitchen table, all warm and snuggly, drinking hot cocoa. Everyone is smiling and laughing as your kids take turns talking about how they love spending time at home with you. You’ve got chocolate chip cookies in the oven and a pot of homemade soup… Read more »

What is Sports Medicine?

Boyd W. Haynes III, MD As a fellowship-trained Sports Medicine physician, I see patients who have injuries related to playing sports or who have special musculoskeletal issues that may present obstacles to their participating in the sport of their choice.  I also work with athletes, both amateur and professional, to help them prevent sports-related injuries. … Read more »

Common Back Injuries

Mark W. McFarland, DO Did you know that back pain is the number one reason for which people seek medical attention?  Having a healthy, non-painful back is essential to living and working well.  Let’s discuss some common back injuries and how I treat them. Back Strain – One of the most common complaints I hear… Read more »

New Telehealth Appointments

Effective immediately, Orthopaedic & Spine Center is offering a Telehealth appointment option for established patients.  Appointments for New Patients, New Problems or appointments requiring injections or x-rays would need to be scheduled as a regular office visit. Patients interested in scheduling a Telehealth appointment should call our main number – 757-596-1900.  You must provide an… Read more »

Reducing Your Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Emily A. Ludwig, PsyD We are living in very uncertain times right now…the news is bad and people around the world are sick with the Coronavirus. We’re now working from home. Our kids can’t go to school, they’re stuck at home with us, can’t see or play with their friends and are going stir-crazy. Businesses… Read more »

Am I at Risk for Arthritis?

Robert J. Snyder, MD Arthritis is one of the most common ailments for which patients seek medical care because it causes pain and often disability.  My patients often ask me “Is there anything I can do to lessen my chances of developing arthritis?”  The answer is yes and no.  In this article, I will address… Read more »