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Persistent Depressive Disorder

Andrew L. Martin, PsyD Persistent Depressive Disorder (once called Dysthymia), or PDD, is a relatively long-lasting, milder form of depression, compared to Major Depressive Disorder.1 Because PDD begins gradually and

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Jenny Andrus

What is Phantom Pain?

By Jenny L.F. Andrus, MD In this blog post, I will discuss the phenomenon of phantom pain and define for the reader how it manifests in patients, describing symptoms typically

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dr. martin

PTSD and Intimacy

Andrew L. Martin, PsyD The word intimacy has several meanings. For this article, intimacy means ‘closeness,’ or the act of being close with oneself, or close with others, in meaningful

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PTSD and Other-Esteem

Andrew L. Martin, PsyD We usually associate “esteem” with self-esteem, but esteem also refers to our attitude toward others. It’s how much we value and respect others. Esteem for others

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