Another Epidural and Another Chance at Pain-free Living?

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A Real-Life OSC Patient Recounts Her Experience with Epidural Injections and our Interventional Pain Management Team

Okay, as promised, here is my update on my third epidural. I had it last Tuesday and was actually eagerly awaiting it to provide me with pain relief.

Dr Jenny Andrus & Dr Raj Sureja

OSC's Interventional Pain Management Team: Dr Andrus & Dr Sureja

The preparations were as before, no taking any anti-inflammatory medication for three days prior to the procedure. I checked-in and although I was a tad bit nervous (which I think is normal anytime you are getting a needle stuck into your back) I was relatively calm and serene.

Because the clothing I was wearing was easily manipulated, I did not even need to change into a gown for the procedure. I laid on the table in the procedure room and assumed “the position”, laying on my stomach on the gently sloping “prop” that holds your body in place for the injection. This prop provides a place for your face to rest, somewhat like a massage table. I felt like I was much more prepared this time, and although I did not enjoy the injection process itself, I did not get as faint as I normally have in the past. When they numb your back where they will insert the catheter, it feels like a sting.

Then the injection of the dye feels weird…I really cannot describe it, because having something injected into your intrathecal space is not an everyday occurrence, nor is it something for which you are easily prepared to describe.

It just feels plain weird!

It was over very quickly and I was sitting up and getting my bearings soon. I collected my belongings and went into the waiting room to rest for about 15 minutes before they would release me into the care of my in-laws, who again unselfishly offered to collect me and drive me home.

While I was sitting there, several of the staff asked me if I was okay and I said that I thought so. They all said that I looked very pale and that I should sit still and drink some cool water.

So, I did.

Then after about 15 minutes, they said that my color had returned and that I was free to go. I headed home and iced my neck and took it easy for the rest of the day. I again had some problems with insomnia and leg heaviness, but those subsided by the next day.

So, let’s see if I will get the same level of relief that I did previously. I certainly hope so!

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