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“This looks like a back operation not a scope”

Arthroscopy means literally “to look within the joint”.  Although the first “primitive” arthroscopy was performed in 1919, advances in miniaturizing instruments and the invention of fiber optics make present day arthroscopy one of the most common and safe orthopaedic procedures.  It allows orthopaedic surgeons to not only visualize the inside and around the joint, but also to diagnose and treat specific disorders inside the joint.  By using a tiny camera, a fiber-optic light and specially-sized instruments, OSC surgeons can make several small incisions, insert the camera and have a clear field of vision in the joint, allowing them to make minimally-invasive repairs, with less muscle and tissue trauma, less bleeding, less scarring and a quicker recovery time for the patient.   Because Arthroscopy is less traumatic for the patient, most surgeries of this type can be performed at an Ambulatory Surgery Center and save considerable dollars over the cost of a surgery with an inpatient stay.

Arthroscopy is usually the surgery of choice for diagnosing and treating chronic disease and traumatic injuries to the joints and other parts of the body.  The areas of the body most frequently scoped are: the knee, the shoulder, the hip, the spine and the wrist (carpal tunnel).  The elbow and ankle may also be scoped, but these procedures are much less common.

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