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Articles related to the treatment and diagnosis of arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Gout – A Painful Form of Arthritis

Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD Gout is a common form of arthritis that typically affects the big toe joint; however the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists and fingers can also be affected. The problem occurs when too much uric acid remains in the blood after being processed by the kidneys.  The uric acid forms into thin, spike-like… Read more »

Osteophytes:  A Fancy Term, but Simply Bone Spurs

Robert J. Snyder, MD As a busy Orthopaedist, I see many patients in the office, whose main complaint goes something like this, “I have this really sharp pain, when I walk (or insert your activity of choice here).  It hurts so bad, it must be caused by a bone spur”.  Most of those pains are… Read more »

Common Golf Injuries that Occur in the Spring

Boyd W. Haynes, III, MD Ah, springtime!  The weather is warmer, the sun is shining and everything is in bloom.  After being cooped up inside for the several months of cold winter weather we experience every year, Tidewater residents can be expected to head outdoors and start being active again. Unfortunately, as a Sports Medicine… Read more »

Should Patients with Osteoarthritis be Treated with Physical Therapy First?  A New Study Provides Evidence

Tom Toothaker, DPT A recent study published in Arthritis Care & Research posited that Physical Therapy seems to be underutilized when it comes to the treatment of Osteoarthritis (OA).  They looked at the treatments being provided to patients with OA who were participating in three clinical trials at Duke University Medical Center Primary Care, UNC… Read more »

October’s Lecture Features Dr. Boyd Haynes and the Newest Technologies for Joint Replacement

Computer-Navigated & Robotic Joint Replacement: Better Outcomes Using Advanced Technology Are you suffering from joint pain and considering surgery? Learn about your options at our upcoming lecture! Dr. Boyd Haynes will discuss advanced joint replacement technologies for knees and hips, using computers and robotic-assisted MAKOplasty™. Learn how direct anterior (Jiffy) hip replacement and knee replacements… Read more »

Why is Proper Posture Important?

We are addicted to technology: we spend hours at our desks, maintaining improper posture. We bend our necks and slouch while texting or looking at our smart phones. We slump into the comfy couch while playing video games. The amount of time we spend sitting at home, work, and during transit is affecting our posture…. Read more »

Arthritis of the Hand

Robert J. Snyder, MD Arthritis can strike anywhere in the body that there is a joint.  However, one of the most challenging places for arthritis to settle is in the joints of the hand and fingers.  We use our hands constantly while we are awake and rely on them to do such varied activities as… Read more »

How Does Physical Therapy Help Arthritis Patients?

Tom Toothaker, DPT Given that approximately 60 million people in the United States are affected by a form of arthritis, it is no wonder that these people will be looking for relief from the pain and stiffness arthritis causes in joints.  In more advanced cases, arthritis causes disability and can keep people from leading full… Read more »

Who is Most Susceptible to Arthritis?

Boyd W. Haynes, MD In my practice as an Orthopaedic Physician, the majority of the patients I see on a daily basis will have some level of Arthritis. Most will have Osteoarthritis (OA) and a few will have less common, auto-immune forms like Rheumatoid (RA) or Psoriatic (PA). But who exactly is at risk for… Read more »

Walk to Improve your Knee Arthritis!

  How many steps a day should you walk to improve your knee arthritis?  According to a new study, quite a few! The University of Delaware’s Department of Physical Therapy had researchers look a data about Osteoarthritis patients, which was made available to the public.  The data came from the Osteoarthritis Initiative and measured physical… Read more »