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Articles related to the treatment and diagnosis of arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The Three Most Diagnosed Forms of Arthritis

By Boyd W. Haynes III, MD The Arthritis Foundation website tells us that there are more than 100 types of arthritis and related conditions. There are three forms of Arthritis that affect the most people around the world and I will detail those for you, their specific symptoms, what causes them and how they are… Read more »

OSC Community Lecture Features Dr. John Burrow – Overcoming Arthritis Pain

Overcoming Arthritis Pain: Effective Treatment for Hips and Knees Join Dr. John Burrow as he discusses treatment options for painful arthritis of the hip and knee. Learn about the latest non-surgical and surgical options for relieving pain and restoring function. MAKOplasty, computer-navigation, Jiffy Hip, and other surgical techniques will be discussed, as well as OSC’s… Read more »

Bursitis: A Painful Cousin of Arthritis

 by Dr Boyd W. Haynes III, MD   As an orthopaedic physician, I see people come into my office and tell me that they have developed arthritis in their joints and that it hurts like the dickens!  Then they point to their hip or their shoulder and show me where it hurts.  I usually ask… Read more »

Spinal Stenosis: A Painful Condition Prevalent in the Senior Population

A recent study  published by Boston University has determined that lumbar spinal stenosis affects 4.71% of the general population, seemingly a very low number.  However, 47.2%   of individuals in the 60-69 age group have lumbar spinal stenosis on their MRI scan, which is a significant number.  The individuals  that actually  are diagnosed with severe stenosis… Read more »