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Shoulder Instability – Surgical Treatment

Dr. Martin Coleman

Martin R. Coleman, MD In my last article, I discussed the causes of shoulder instability, its symptoms, and conservative treatment options that could be tried to prevent repetitive episodes of subluxations or dislocations.  While many patients will have success with non-operative therapies, others will continue to have issues with shoulder instability without more aggressive intervention. … Read more »

Shoulder Instability – Conservative Treatment

Dr. Martin Coleman

Martin R. Coleman, MD The shoulder joint is the most complex joint system in the human body.  It has many components that work together to ensure it functions smoothly when we call upon it to do everyday tasks.  It is also the most mobile joint in the body and because of that it also has… Read more »

Five Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Dr. Martin Coleman

  Martin R Coleman, MD Arthritis – Although not seen as often as knee or hip arthritis, I may diagnose arthritis of the shoulder when a patient comes to me complaining of an achy, stiff shoulder. Arthritis is a condition that may come with age but may reflect a specific inflammatory condition such as Rheumatoid arthritis… Read more »

Year-Round Baseball Hurts Young Pitchers

OSC has several outstanding shoulder specialists, including Dr. Marty Coleman. If your young athlete needs help with shoulder problems, make an appointment for an evaluation and get them back in the game! Year-Round Baseball Hurts Young Pitchers Baseball, which once featured the boys of summer, has now become a year round sport. It is not… Read more »

June's OSC Community Lecture Features Dr. Martin Coleman Speaking About Shoulder Problems

Join Dr. Martin Coleman as he discusses Effective Treatments to Relieve Your Shoulder Pain. Learn how almost every shoulder problem can be successfully addressed, relieving pain and restoring function. Treatments for Rotator Cuff Tears, Labrum Tears, Impingement, SLAP Tears, and Shoulder Arthritis will be discussed, as well as Traditional and Reverse Shoulder Replacement. Bring your… Read more »

Steroid Injections for the Shoulder

Your shoulder is one of the most flexible and complex joints in your body. It is most prone to injury because of its extensive network of ligaments and muscles, and because it helps us accomplish all types of activities: When you are reaching for something on a shelf, brushing your hair, casting a fishing line,… Read more »

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

By Martin R. Coleman, MD Just about everyone has a friend or relative who has had a hip or knee replacement. Much rarer are people who suffer from severe pain from arthritis of the shoulder. Most joint replacements are done for hips and knees, but shoulder replacement is becoming more and more popular as a… Read more »