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Ice vs. Heat Therapy as a Treatment for Pain

Raj N. Sureja, MD With the advanced technology and multitude of pharmaceuticals that physicians have at their disposal to treat patients with pain, it is no wonder that we may forget to utilize very effective, but often overlooked, forms of treatment.  Such is the case with using heat or ice therapy to treat pain.  In… Read more »

A Comprehensive Look at Tendinitis:  Part II – Symptoms and Diagnosis

Boyd W. Haynes III, MD Tendinitis is an inflamed tendon.  Tenosynovitis is a condition where the tendon sheath, but not the tendon, becomes inflamed.  The two conditions are not mutually exclusive, and may occur simultaneously. The main symptom of Tendinitis is pain in the affected tendon that increases when the tendon is flexed or contracted. … Read more »

Hamstring Strains

Robert J. Snyder, MD A hamstring strain (or pulled hamstring) is an injury to one or more of the muscles at the back of the thigh. One of the muscles gets extended, overloaded and partially or completely tears. Most hamstring injuries respond well to non-invasive, non-surgical treatment . The hamstring is comprised of three muscles… Read more »

Posterior Cervical Decompression or Microdiscectomy

Mark W. McFarland, DO As an Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, I perform surgery on patients each week for spine conditions that can’t be treated conservatively or that didn’t respond when treated non-surgically.  In surgery, the spine can be accessed from either the front (anterior), the side (lateral) or the back (posterior) of the body.  Each access… Read more »

Ultrasound Guidance for Steroid Injections

Boyd W. Haynes III, MD In my last article, I outlined the many uses of Ultrasound (Sonography) as a diagnostic resource for physicians.  In this installment, I will describe how Orthopaedic physicians use ultrasound to guide the steroid injections that we perform on a daily basis in our practice. Steroids get a lot of bad… Read more »

OSC Closed on Monday, May 29 for Memorial Day

Orthopaedic & Spine Center and the OSC Physical Therapy Center will be closed on Monday, May 29, in observance of the national Memorial Day Holiday.  We will reopen on Tuesday, May 30 at 8:00 AM.  As always, one of our skilled and caring Orthopaedic physicians will be on call over the holiday weekend, just in… Read more »

Laminotomy vs. Laminectomy

Mark W. McFarland, DO           Some spine conditions can put pressure on spinal nerves and/or the spinal cord.  This pressure or compression can result in pain, numbness, limb weakness and lack of function and/or balance. If left untreated, permanent nerve damage may occur.  Common medical conditions at fault are: Degenerative disc… Read more »