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Septic or Infectious Arthritis

By Dr. John Burrow We don’t often think of arthritis as being caused by an infectious agent, but rather consider it to be a byproduct of old age or something caused by an auto-immune disease. However, arthritis can occasionally be caused when a bacterial, viral, fungal or mycobacterial pathogen invades one or more joints, rapidly… Read more »

Your Doctor is Watching You! – Robert J. Snyder

Every once in a while, we have a patient who will say that they feel that their doctor did not do a thorough examination when they came in for a visit. When we ask why they feel this way, the patient usually says something like “Well, they barely touched me!” or “They asked me to… Read more »

February OSC Community Lecture – Advanced Treatments for the Spine – Mark W. McFarland, DO

Advanced Treatments for the Spine: Fusions, Disc Replacements & More Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 Time: 7:00 PM Location: OSC, 250 Nat Turner Boulevard, Newport News, VA Join Fellowship-trained Spine Specialist Dr. Mark McFarland as he discusses advanced treatment options for the spine, including fusions and disc replacements. Dr. McFarland will present information on the… Read more »

Patient Testimonial – Carolyn Berry – Knee Replacements

My name is B. Carolyn Berry and Dr. Boyd Haynes is my physician. I have had 2 Total Knee Replacements in the last 4 years. I am 68 yrs. old and so grateful for the opportunity to get around without a cane or crutches. I now have full mobility with my knees and looking forward… Read more »

Biologics – Fighting Arthritis Caused by Autoimmune Disease

By Mark W. McFarland, DO As an Orthopaedic Specialist, I regularly treat patients who suffer from Osteo-arthritis, which is an inflammatory condition that often occurs in the joints of people as they progress from middle into old age. This “wear and tear” arthritis does not affect everyone, but many people will have it in some… Read more »

Losing Weight as a Treatment for Chronic Pain – Jenny L. F. Andrus, MD

As an Interventional Pain Management Specialist, I see patients in my practice who report suffering from chronic pain caused by a variety of diseases or injuries. Often times, we discuss many different methods of treating the pain, ranging from the use of non-narcotic medications to very potent opioid drugs, lifestyle changes, Physical Therapy, interventional procedures… Read more »

Free – Chronic Disease Self-Management Class at OSC

Do you struggle with chronic illness or pain which impacts your ability to enjoy life, work and activities? OSC is pleased to announce that we will offer a FREE Chronic Disease Self-Management Class, beginning January 7th, 2015. The class will be held at OSC on Wednesday nights from 6:00 – 8:30 PM, and will continue… Read more »

Smoking and Back Surgery – Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD

As a Spine Surgeon, the standard instructions I give to patients when preparing for spinal surgery always includes telling them to stop taking their blood thinners (including ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin), not to eat or drink after midnight the day of their surgery and to stop smoking before and after surgery. Most patients generally understand… Read more »