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OSC Physical Therapy Now Offers Dry Needling

The Physical Therapists at OSC now offer Dry Needling as an effective treatment for chronically painful muscles. You may be asking “What exactly is Dry Needling?” We created a brief and informative FAQ to give you all the facts. Please contact the OSC Physical Therapy Center at 757-596-1900 for more information or to schedule an… Read more »

OSC Celebrates Physician Assistant Week! Meet Tonia Yocum, PA-C

Meet Tonia Yocum, Physician Assistant to Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson. Tonia recently sat down with us to answer some questions about her career as a Physician Assistant. We think you will enjoy getting to know her! Why did you decide to become a Physician Assistant? Since I was a child, I always knew that I… Read more »

OSC October Community Lecture Features Dr. Jeffrey Carlson – Spine, Neck and Back

Effective Treatments for Pinched Nerves, Slipped Discs and Spinal Stenosis Join Dr. Jeffrey Carlson as he discusses both non-surgical and surgical treatment options for the some of the more commonly seen conditions of the Spine. Learn about the latest medical advances in Spine Surgery, including minimally-invasive and Outpatient Spine Fusions and Cervical Disc Replacements. Dr…. Read more »

Should My Child Have Surgery On A Torn ACL? – Boyd W. Haynes III, MD

Fall is here! The kids are back in school and are running around outside, playing games and sports. Many of them are participating in school sports programs, playing football, preparing for basketball and other intramural sports. Unfortunately, the increased rate of activity can also mean increased likelihood of injury. A common sports injury is an… Read more »

Facet Joint Cysts – Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD

The spine is divided into motion segments that include the vertebral bones and the discs. A spinal segment is comprised of the two vertebral body bones and the intervening disc. The discs are the pads between the bones and allow the bones to move on each other. Another important portion of the boney anatomy is… Read more »

OSC Community Lecture – Effective Treatments for Pinched Nerves, Slipped Discs & Spinal Stenosis

Join Dr. Jeffrey Carlson as he discusses both non-surgical and surgical treatment options for the some of the more commonly seen conditions of the Spine. Learn about LES (Less Exposure Surgery) Outpatient Spine Surgery and the latest medical advances. Bring your specific questions for Dr. Carlson to answer. Bring a friend, have some refreshments and… Read more »

Exercise for Better Joint Flexibility – Boyd W. Haynes III, MD

As an orthopaedic physician specializing in sports medicine, I often see patients whose physical activity has been greatly compromised due to arthritis. Their joints begin to hurt during activity, so naturally, they move around less and less. Unfortunately, this inactivity only leads to more pain. A common misconception is that joint pain will lessen if… Read more »

Pelvic Fractures – Mark W. McFarland, DO

Pelvic fractures represent approximately 3% of all skeletal fractures in the United States. Although the frequency constitutes a small percentage of total orthopaedic injuries, they are associated with the reported mortality rates of up to 50%. Death usually occurs due to blood loss or result of other lethal injuries because pelvic fractures are often caused… Read more »

Blood Clots after Surgery – Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD

Most patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery have concerns about blood clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after surgery. There is certainly a significant risk associated with some surgeries. Swelling due to lower extremity surgery may also decrease the flow of blood through the veins and lead to clots. The most dangerous concern about blood clots is… Read more »