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Truth Bomb: REVolution Temperature Check

New Year’s REVolution: How is it mid-March already? It’s time for a REVolution temperature check. At the beginning of the year, I wrote about my new year’s REVolution to be kinder, fierce, unstoppable, and braver. I’m here to ‘fess up’ and share an update. Kinder – A priority of mine is to be kinder to… Read more »

New Year’s REVolution

Braver. Kinder. Unstoppable. Fierce. These are my words for the New Year. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore. “I will lose 15 pounds.” “I will learn to sew.” “I will get a new job.” “I will (fill in the blank)” Year after year. No more. This year, I am starting a REVOLUTION (not resolution):… Read more »

Exercising When Your Brain is Telling you “No”

“Make no mistake about it. Comfort zones are entirely imaginary. Like an emotional plaster cast for leg that’s not broken.” – from The Brave Athlete by Simon Marshal, PhD and Lesley Paterson I love summer – sunshine, flip flops, sand between my toes, afternoon thunderstorms, lightning bugs at dusk. Summer is my jam. The heat… Read more »

Conquer: A Strong Word

Have you ever decided to do something and halfway through you realized you really hadn’t planned for it to be as challenging as it became? What did you do to persevere? Did you have to dig deep or did it seem to bubble up effortlessly? Several years ago, I made the decision to do a… Read more »

Choosing Wellness by Runner Girl

A healthy lifestyle hasn’t always been a priority for me. I’ve gone through phases in my adult life when I never ever exercised and did not care whatsoever about the nutritional content of food I was eating (this describes my 20s). There have also been times when I focused on exercise and eating right. The… Read more »

Self-Talk: Fill in the Blank by Runner Girl

Insecurities. Anxieties. Uncertainties. Doubts. Fears. Lack of self-confidence. Lack of self-worth. All of those words give me an unpleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’m sure many of you could get on board with this: When I look back on some challenging times I’ve lived through, I wish my older self could hug… Read more »

Introducing New Guest Blogger: Runner Girl

We’re welcoming a new guest blogger to the OSC website whom we’re calling Runner Girl. She is an OSC employee who enjoys writing and runs for the health benefits. She subscribes to a healthy lifestyle and plans to share tips about how we can all make simple changes to enhance our wellness. —————————————————————————– Hello, hello!… Read more »