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Spondylolisthesis – A Big Word for a Problematic Condition

 by Mark W. McFarland, DO As an Orthopaedic Spine Specialist, I often see patients who complain of low back pain, which may or may not radiate into the buttocks and legs.  They can be adolescents or adults.  Although most lower back pain is caused by muscle strain, some patients have a condition that most likely… Read more »

Why are Patients Afraid after Undergoing Lumbar Spine Surgery?

by Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD In my role as a fellowship-trained Spine Specialist, I may perform over twenty spine surgeries a week.  With the advent of better surgical techniques, instrumentation, and pain control, the majority of my patients can go home the same day of surgery.  Some of these surgeries are straightforward and take about… Read more »

Are You Too Old for Spine Surgery?

Written by Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD The people of America are getting older. This is not a judgment on the age of our populace, but a fortunate consequence of better medical treatment, health consciousness and standard of living. We have more information about the requirements of our bodies later in life and have well-prepared ourselves… Read more »

Who Should Have Spine Surgery?

By Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD Spine surgery is usually the last thing on your mind when you visit the doctor for a back problem. Even when patients have severe pain in the neck, back or nerve pain in the arm or leg, they generally want to exhaust all options before deciding to have surgery…. Read more »

What is Scoliosis and What Causes It?

A Brief Overview of Scoliosis and its Causes from OSC Call (757) 596-1900 for a consultation today   The medical term Scoliosis is derived from the Greek word, “skolios” which means “crooked”. Scoliosis is simply an unnatural curvature of the spine, which can curve to the side or be curved in the middle of the… Read more »

A Day In the Life of an Orthopaedic Physician Assistant

by Orthopaedic & Spine Center’s Tonia Yocum, PA-C (Physicians Assistant – Certified) On a typical surgical day, I am up and out of bed at 5:15 AM. I leave the house at 6:00 AM and normally arrive at the hospital around 6:30 AM. I usually change into surgical scrubs when I arrive, although I wear… Read more »

How Active Can I Be After Spine Surgery?

OSC’s Dr Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD Explains What You Can Do After Surgery on Your Spine Patients often ask about the activities that they will be allowed to participate in after they have spine surgery. Many fear that they will not be able to return to their previous level of activity and are doomed to… Read more »

10 Spine Surgeons to Know

A spine surgeon debuting new technology and nine more surgeons to know: Tim Adamson, MD. Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates (Greensboro, N.C.). Dr. Adamson specializes in endoscopic disc surgery, minimally invasive surgery, vascular neurosurgery and acoustic tumors. He received his medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville and completed his residency at… Read more »