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Hamstring Strains

Robert J. Snyder, MD A hamstring strain (or pulled hamstring) is an injury to one or more of the muscles at the back of the thigh. One of the muscles gets extended, overloaded and partially or completely tears. Most hamstring injuries respond well to non-invasive, non-surgical treatment . The hamstring is comprised of three muscles… Read more »

Spinal Surgery Complications – The Case of Steve Kerr

Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD Recently, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr underwent surgery for a “spinal leak” as described by the owner of the Warriors.  Since this happened, patients have asked me about this complication when discussing spine surgery. “Spinal leak” is medically termed a dural tear or spinal fluid leak.  The dura is… Read more »

Shoulder Dislocation

Robert J. Snyder, MD The human shoulder is a joint which allows an incredible amount of flexibility and movement.  The shoulder has the most mobility of all of the joints in the body.  This wide range of motion also makes it the joint most vulnerable to dislocation.  Why do shoulders dislocate, how are they treated… Read more »

What is Runner’s Knee and how is it Treated?

by Boyd W. Haynes III, MD As a Sport Medicine Specialist, I see lots of runners who complain of knee pain.  Although there are many reasons for knee pain, including a torn meniscus, arthritis, a torn ACL, etc., most of the runners I see suffer from Patellofemoral Syndrome – aka, Runner’s Knee.  In this article… Read more »

Ilio-Tibial Band Pain and Inflammation of the Hip, Upper Leg and Knee

Ever heard of the Ilio-tibial Band?  No, it is not the hottest group of rockers out of the UK, introducing their latest video on MTV and appearing soon with Lady Gaga.  The IT Band is a large, fibrous sheath of connective tissue which attaches at the hip and runs the length of the femur to… Read more »