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Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson Awarded Masters of Business Administration Degree

Dr. Carlson in dark suit jacket

Please join us in congratulating Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD for his achievement in earning a Masters in Business Administration from Longwood University. Dr. Carlson completed his 31 hours of coursework in February 2023 with a concentration in General Business Administration.  He was invited to be a member of “Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society”, which requires… Read more »

Untreated Bone Fractures – Finally, The Treatment – Part III

Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD CPE In the last two articles, I’ve reviewed the reasons why bone fracture can go untreated and what happens to the human body as a result.  In this last segment, I will address what can be done for those fractures that are finally given proper medical attention. Non-union – this means… Read more »

Dr. Jeffrey Carlson Awarded CPE Recognition

Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson was bestowed with the credential of Certified Physician Executive (CPE) through the Certifying Commission on Medical Management from the American Association of Physician Leadership on June 2, 2022. Dr. Carlson was required to complete 170 CEUs of course work, (which he did in just over a year’s time), and studied topics… Read more »

Congratulations to our 2022 Top Doc All-Stars!

Please join us in congratulating (l to r) – Drs. Raj N. Sureja (Interventional Pain Management), Jenny L. F. Andrus (Interventional Pain Management) and Boyd W. Haynes III (Orthopaedics – Sports Medicine & Joint Replacement) for having been recognized as Coastal Virginia Magazine’s “Top Doc” All Stars! This recognition means that these physicians were voted… Read more »

Having Chronic Pain in the Rear is No Joke – Causes & Symptoms

Jenny L. F. Andrus, MD As an Interventional Pain Management Specialist, I see patients who have every type of pain imaginable and do my best to diagnose and treat the root cause of their pain.  Some patients have issues with chronic pain in their pelvis, tailbones, rectums, or reproductive systems due to illness, trauma, cancer… Read more »

When Can I Vape Again After Orthopaedic Surgery? (A Web Chat Question)

Dr. Jeffrey Carlson

Moderated by Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD My answer is never.  Use the break that your surgery afforded you as a great opportunity to quit your smoking habit for good.  Smoking/vaping is very detrimental to healing after orthopaedic surgery especially as bone needs high levels of oxygen rich red blood cells to repair and mend after… Read more »

The Subvastus Approach to Knee Replacement

Boyd W. Haynes III, MD Orthopaedic surgeries evolve with the advancement of technology, surgical instrumentation, surgical technique, and pain management. The knee replacement is no different and has been through many iterations of approaches, implant types, differing implant material composition, etc., all with the goal of delivering the best patient outcome and the most highly… Read more »

Achilles Tendonitis

  Joel D. Stewart, MD As a busy Foot and Ankle Specialist, the most commonly reported problem by patients in my practice is Achilles Tendon pain.  It’s a very common cause of heel pain, often confused with plantar fasciitis pain. You may understand the Greek hero Achilles’ weakness if you have Achilles Tendonitis. Mythology aside,… Read more »

Patricia Stroop – Hip Replacement

After “trying” to manage pain in my left hip for over a year, I finally went to an Ortho doctor for relief. I won’t disclose the doctor’s name, but after a single cortisone shot which did nothing and a very blunt “you need to face the fact that you need hip replacement,” I decided to… Read more »

NOTICE: OSC Does Not Accept Guest Bloggers – Paid or Unpaid

In order to keep our website, pages and content expressly for the educational edification of our patients and those interested in learning more about the treatments and services that our physicians and providers offer, we have made it a policy not to accept content written by non-OSC employee or physician authors. In keeping with that… Read more »