Celebrities & Pro-Athletes Who Have Seen an Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopaedic & Spine Center

Orthopedic injuries and problems are more common than we realize.  Did you know a staggering 88% of NFL retirees have had orthopedic surgery and 30% of these former players have had five surgeries or more. Countless celebrities, from famous actors, musicians, to professional athletes, have suffered from injuries, pain, and other problems that lead them to seeing an orthopedic surgeon. You may find out something new about your favorite musician or TV star, or find someone who suffered a similar orthopedic condition to you in our latest resource Celebrities and Pro-Athletes Who Have Seen an Orthopedic Surgeon.

At Orthopaedic & Spine Center, we diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and work to prevent musculoskeletal injuries and disease. If you are suffering pain and dysfunction, follow the examples of these stars and make an appointment to discuss treatment options get you back into action.