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Did you Know OSC has a Drive-Thru Window?

No, you can’t get fries with that paperwork you are dropping off or order a chocolate milkshake to go with that prescription that you are picking up, but it’s true, OSC does have a drive-thru window for your convenience.
You might be asking “Why in the world does my Orthopaedic & Pain Management physician office need a drive-thru window, especially if I can’t get a burger?” When we were designing our current facility in 2006/2007, some of our bright employees thought it would be super if our patients had the option of using a drive-thru window. As most of our patients suffer from pain, it was thought by using the drive thru, they could drop things off and pick things up that they needed, without having to park and get out of their car and come in to the office. This is especially helpful when it is rainy, cold or when the parking lot is full.
When you drive up to our drive-thru window, your vehicle activates a sensor in our building that plays a series of tones (like a doorbell) alerting us to your presence. You do not have to honk the horn or knock on the window, we know you are there. Just like you may have to wait a moment at the bank or the pharmacy drive-thru, we will be with you as quickly as possible. All available employees may be taking care of patients who are checking in or out. Rest assured, we will get to you as soon as we possibly can.
You must have a valid picture ID to receive service at the drive-thru window.
What transactions can you complete at the drive-thru window? While we can’t set your broken arm or give you an injection, you can take care of some important business. Such as:
1. Pay the outstanding balance on your bill
2. Ask questions
3. Pick up:
a. Written Prescriptions
b. Completed Paperwork
i. Return to Work Forms
c. Copies of Medical Records
d. Copies of Diagnostic imaging CDS – MRI or x-ray
e. Braces, Splints or DME
f. Pharmacy (Workers’ Compensation only)
4. Drop off:
a. medical history forms
b. work-related forms
c. imaging films or CDs
d. records from other physician offices
e. anything that needs to be added to your patient record
What we cannot do at the Drive-thru window:
1. Check you in for an appointment
2. Triage, render a diagnosis or treat a patient
3. Dispense medications
As a courtesy to OSC employees, we ask that you please not smoke while at the Drive-thru window. We hope you will stop by with your dog as we try to keep treats on hand for your best friend!
So, now you know everything there is to know about the OSC Drive-Thru. Stop in and see us sometime!
Shannon Woods – Director of Marketing and Community Outreach

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