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Electromedicine/Electrotherapy – Part II What is Electric Cell Stimulation or neo-GEN®?

Dr. SnyderRobert J. Snyder, MD
In the first article in this series, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson discussed the advent of electromedicine, how it has been used in the past and some of the devices that are currently used most in the field of Orthopaedics and Interventional Pain Management.  As physicians, we see firsthand the benefits that these therapies can provide to our patients who are suffering from all types of musculoskeletal and nerve pain, with accompanying dysfunction and healing issues.  In this article, I’d like to talk about Electric Cell Stimulation (ECS) or neo-GEN®, a relatively recent innovation in electromedicine therapy that has captured much attention for its purported restorative effects for even recalcitrant nerve damage and circulatory issues, chronic pain, post-surgical and traumatic pain, and a host of other clinical indications.

What information is important for a patient to know about this treatment?

  • It is FDA approved, safe and has minimal potential for side-effects
  • There are numerous published studies and reports detailing the successful treatment using the neo-GEN-Series® system for a variety of clinical indications
  • When patient protocol is followed, patients report extremely high satisfaction with the treatment

What is the treatment?

  • The patient will be placed in a reclining chair.  Four suction cup electrodes are placed strategically over and around the area of the body to be treated.  Our staff is specially trained to know how and where to place the electrode cups for the patient to get the maximum benefit from the treatment.
  • These cups have sponges that are infused with a proprietary blend of water and minerals which increase conductivity.
  • The staff person will turn on the neo-GEN® unit and slowly begin to increase the intensity of the bioactive signal energy waves to the patient’s comfort level.  These multiplexed waves are delivered via a patented computer-assisted wave generator system that is constantly adjusting throughout the treatment, according to the desired mechanism of action for the clinical diagnosis of the patient.
  • The treatment can last around 20-35 minutes, depending on the condition and severity

How can I get this treatment?

  • You must be seen for a consultation by an OSC physician to ensure your diagnosis is clinically appropriate
  • OSC offers this treatment under insurance or as self-pay if some insurers won’t cover
  • Call 757-596-1900 for an appointment – please reference neo-GEN® consultation

What’s involved in the treatment?

  • If your diagnosis is appropriate for neo-GEN® treatment, your OSC treating physician will then order three tiny punch biopsies to be taken of the affected areas to be treated.  These biopsies will be examined to determine a baseline for nerve growth and for which nerve regeneration will be measured at the end of treatment.
  • Based on your diagnosis and its severity, you will be recommended to have a certain number of treatments per week for a certain number of weeks. Typically for neuropathy of the feet this is usually 2 sessions a week for 12 weeks. It is very important that you attend those visits and not miss appointments for the efficacy of the therapy. Prior to each session, four small injections of vitamins vital for nerve function, are placed around each foot. These are recommended, but optional, if the patient wishes.
  • Two weeks after your treatments have ended, another set of punch biopsies will be taken to measure new nerve growth and regeneration.

As a side note, I can highly recommend this treatment on a personal level.  After years of sports, running, and standing for long periods, I developed neuropathy of the feet. I traveled twice a week to a center an hour away for the neo-GEN® Electric Cell Signaling Therapy and saw significant pain reduction and an increase in the circulation and healing of my foot.  As a busy Orthopaedic surgeon, being able to stand, take care of my patients and perform surgery is very important to me, and this therapy continues to provide relief for me.

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