Hurricane Florence – Important Information for our Patients

Orthopaedic & Spine Center

Image of hurricane florencePlease read the entire message for important information!

Waiting for a major hurricane to make landfall is a time of uncertainty for us all. While we don’t know exactly when or where Florence will hit, the safety and well-being of our patients and employees is of our utmost concern.

Over the next few days, OSC Management will continually monitor weather conditions as the hurricane approaches. We will update our phone greeting (as needed) to alert patients and staff to office closures or delayed openings. We will also update our Facebook page with this information.

As of now…

– We plan to be open on Thursday at 8 AM (our Physical Therapy Center opens at 7 AM). If you are concerned and want to reschedule your appointment, please contact us now. If conditions deteriorate rapidly on Thursday, it may be necessary to close the office. Please call first before heading to OSC for your appointment, especially if scheduled for the afternoon or evening.

– If the office is open, we may be operating with a skeleton crew, as many staff members may not be able to make it in to work. PLEASE be patient when calling or while at our office for an appointment; we will do our best to serve you quickly and efficiently.

– If you have an office appointment on Friday or an MRI appointment on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, CALL THE OFFICE FIRST and listen to the phone message regarding office closure.

– If you call the OSC Main number 757- 596 -1900 AND you receive a busy signal, this is an indication that the power is out at the main OSC facility and the office is closed.

Finally and above all, stay safe and secure, heed evacuation orders, check on your neighbors, bring your pets indoors and pray for all those in the path of the storm.