MRI Results with Dr Mark McFarland Orthopaedic Associate

Orthopaedic & Spine Center

Diagnosing Causes of Orthopedic Pain in the Neck and Spine

Almost immediately after my MRI was completed, I was able to walk over to the OSC physician station where Dr. Mark McFarland was working and have him pull up my MRI results. Dr McFarland is one of only two doctors on the Peninsula to be fellowship-trained in performing cervical and lumbar disc replacement surgery as well for surgery for pinched nerves. I guess that is a benefit of working at OSC!  Between patients, Dr. McFarland pulled up my MRI images on OSC’s digital imaging system.

Orthopedic Associate OSC Mark McFarland MD

Dr Mark McFarland

I must admit, it is pretty amazing to have a complex imaging test done and be able to view the test images immediately on the system.  Dr. McFarland looked at the images with me and was immediately able to point out the cause of my neck, shoulder and arm pain…I had a spinal disc herniation at level C4-5.

MRI result for neck

MRI Scan of Patient (side view)

Dr. McFarland showed me how the MRI images looked as if my body had been sliced in half at the level of my disc herniation, so that I could actually see the detail of where the disc material was bulging out, pressing on nerves and causing my pain.  I also saw a side view which showed my whole cervical spine and could see the herniation from that view as well.  Although I did not want to get bad news about my spine, I was relieved to know that there was a specific reason for my pain.  I felt comforted by the knowledge that now we knew what was wrong, we could treat it most effectively!

Next time….the treatment plan to relieve the pain in my neck!