New Year’s REVolution

Orthopaedic & Spine Center
Be Stronger in 2018

Braver. Kinder. Unstoppable. Fierce.

These are my words for the New Year.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore.

“I will lose 15 pounds.”

“I will learn to sew.”

“I will get a new job.”

“I will (fill in the blank)”

Year after year. No more.

This year, I am starting a REVOLUTION (not resolution): I am striving to be braver, kinder, unstoppable and fierce. I will keep these words in the back of my mind and look for opportunities to weave them into my every day. I have faith that this will pay it forward tenfold because being brave and kind will make a difference, make someone feel valued, and encourage others to do the same (Selfishly, I know this will give ME so much in return by fostering my belief in my own capabilities).

Right about now, you may be asking, “So, what does this have to do with running, Runner Girl?” Well, a revolution to be unstoppable and fierce has everything to do with believing in yourself physically. Your mind has to buy in 100% because your body doesn’t make the choice to get out of bed and into your workout clothes; your mind does. The key is to attempt to keep your confidence and self-belief high because the mind will almost always win. (I say “almost” because an injury can get in the way of what your mind wants to do, but barring an injury, the mind is in control). Don’t let the body choose. The body will always fabricate an excuse about being tired or cold or hot or not ready. Do your best to keep the mind awake and energetic, even if you don’t physically feel it. Remember to be kind to yourself and honor the difference between when you are making an excuse or there’s a genuine need to just lounge on the couch in your PJs!

I hope you will consider joining the REVOLUTION to be braver, kinder, unstoppable, and fierce. Happy New Year, friends! May this year be filled with good health, big belly laughs, and lots of love!