Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Mark McFarland, Completes Milestone Case With NanoFUSE® Biologics Technology

Orthopaedic & Spine Center

Dr. Mark McFarland completed his 50th case using NanoFUSE Biologics.

NanoFUSE Biologics announced today that Dr. Mark McFarland completed his 50th case using NanoFUSE Biologics. The operation took place on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, Virginia. Dr. McFarland performed a posterior lumbar interbody fusion and removal of hardware on a 71-year-old male patient.

NanoFUSE Biologics is the only bioactive glass that is FDA-cleared to be combined with demineralized bone matrix (DBM). Bioactive glass has been clinically proven in orthopedics for over 30 years. NanoFUSE Biologics has now created a revolutionary and patented biologic using bioactive glass.

“The patented NanoFUSE manufacturing process produces an advanced bioactive glass/DBM combination with high efficacy that has been demonstrated in animal studies,” states NanoFUSE President, Jake Lubinski. “We’re excited about the growing surgeon adoption of NanoFUSE across all orthopedic practices, not just spine. To date, it has been used by over 300 surgeons and implanted in over 1200 patients.”

Dr. McFarland noted, “I’ve been excited to use NanoFUSE Biologics for its osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties which aids in the healing process. I’ve used NanoFUSE in my cervical and lumbar cases along with orthopedic applications outside of spine, and I’ve been pleased with the results.”

Prior to undergoing surgery with Dr. McFarland, the patient had a previous fusion at L3-5 and experienced chronic pain since his initial surgery. Over time, the pain in his right and left gluteus made it increasingly difficult to stand or walk. After failing conservative treatments, including pain management and epidural injections, he opted for surgery. Lumbar X-rays revealed degenerative disc disease at L2-3 and L5-S1, and his MRI showed moderate central and lateral recess stenosis at L2-3 and 5-1. The patient demonstrated weakness and radiculopathy in both lower extremities. The patient is in good health after his procedure.

About NanoFUSE 
NanoFUSE is the synergistic blend of osteoinductive DBM combined with the osteostimulative properties of bioactive glass. NanoFUSE is the only FDA-cleared combination of DBM and bioactive glass and is indicated for use in all orthopedic surgery. NanoFUSE Biologics is a KICVentures portfolio company.