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OSC Launches New & Improved Patient Portal

On Monday, April 29, 2013, Orthopaedic & Spine Center launched its new and improved Patient Portal, replacing the older version with greatly improved functionality and features beneficial to our patients.  During the first few weeks of May, OSC is hosting an enrollment drive in the main lobby of our office, where friendly OSC staffers can assist patients with obtaining an enrollment token and signing up on-line.
Why did OSC create a new Patient Portal?
In order to provide exceptional customer service and improved access to our healthcare services, we realized that many people would want an interactive, on-line tool  that would give them a better way of communicating with our office about their need for healthcare services.  We believe that our Patient Portal will increase patient to doctor/OSC communication in a way that is secure and efficient.
What features will be available to enrollees from the New Patient Portal?
OSC patients can now:

  • Make on-line bill payments
  • Request prescription refills on-line
  • Request appointments on-line
  • Complete medical forms on-line before scheduled appointments (reducing in-office wait time)
  • Make on-line requests for your health information
  • Ask questions/exchange messages with your OSC physician in a secure and confidential setting

How do I sign-up for the Patient Portal?
First, you will need an enrollment token.  You can call us at 757-596-1900 to be given your token, you can request one at portal@osc-ortho.com or you can get a token at our enrollment desk or at any of our 3 check-in locations (front lobby, MRI or Physical Therapy).
Once you have your token, got to www.nextmd.com and click “Enroll Now”.   There you will be asked a few simple questions and then your enrollment is complete.  It is that easy!

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