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OSC Procedure Scheduling Team Takes a Positive Approach to Process Improvement

MRIs, Epidurals, EMGs, Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials, Kyphoplasties, Radio Frequency Ablations, etc…if you’ve had one of these procedures at OSC, one of the team members pictured in this photo scheduled it for you and got the authorization from your insurance company so that it would be covered.  Needless to say, the OSC Procedure Scheduling Team has a very important role in the day-to-day operations at OSC AND in the care that you, our patients, receive.

So why the safety gear?  This team is now doing “Safety Zone” meetings where they discuss processes in the department that could be running more smoothly.  It is a safety zone, because everyone is required to participate and contribute ideas for improvement…everyone’s suggestions are welcome and none are considered unworthy for discussion.   From there, they collectively come up with a new process or tweak ones needing improvement.  This week’s meeting was very productive, as they came up with a solution for an issue that has been plaguing their department for years. Everyone felt really good about the outcome and the event was a huge success for the department.

These meetings will continue regularly as the Procedure Scheduling Department looks to improve patient care delivery and outcomes.  In these uncertain times, isn’t it nice to know that OSC employees are dedicated to improving your care and demonstrating excellence in their everyday work?  We thought so too!

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