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OSC's Dr Haynes Successfully Performs Our First MAKOplasty Surgery




Robotic-Arm Technology Enables a New Level of Precision in Partial Knee Resurfacing

(March 1, 2013, Newport News, VA) – Yesterday, Boyd W. Haynes III, MD, performed a MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing Procedure at Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, VA.
This surgery was performed using the RIO® system, which uses a surgeon-controlled robotic arm system.  The RIO system provides a patient-specific 3-D image of the patient’s knee based on a pre-operative CT scan. Using the 3-D model, the surgeon can then plan the optimal size and position of knee implant components. The major benefits of having partial knee resurfacing using the MAKOplasty® technology are: 1) most ligaments surrounding the knee are spared, allowing for a more natural-feeling knee; 2) using a 3-D model of the knee to pre-plan the surgery decreases bone cutting and loss; and 3) the use of the RIO® system enables the accurate alignment and positioning of implants in the knee, specific to the patient’s own anatomy.
Dr. Haynes’ patient did extremely well during the surgery and is now at home recovering comfortably.  Dr. Haynes remarked “My patient was very excited about having the MAKOplasty® procedure, after we discussed it as being an option for her type of knee arthritis, affecting only two compartments of her knee.  She came through the surgery, did great and completed all of her physical therapy goals the afternoon of her surgery.  I expect she will be doing pretty much anything she wants to do in a couple of weeks.”
When asked how he sees the MAKOplasty® system being used in his practice, Dr. Haynes feels the technology can be very helpful.  “My goal is to get my total knee replacement patients to do as well as my partial knee replacement patients during their recovery.  I think the MAKOplasty® system shows great promise to help orthopaedic surgeons do partial knee replacements precisely and be able to spare the ligaments of the knee.  While I have done partial knee replacements for many years, I also see the RIO robotic arm being of great assistance to those surgeons who only do a few procedures a year.  It will greatly improve their accuracy in positioning implants and their patients will benefit”.
For more information on MAKOplasty® Knee and Hip, please visit www.osc-ortho.com.

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