Regenerative Medicine Q&A with Raj N. Sureja, M.D.

Orthopaedic & Spine Center

The physicians at Orthopaedic and Spine Center began offering Regenerative Medicine Therapy to our patients in June, 2015. Since that time, many patients have benefited from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, and, more recently, Prolotherapy. Studies show that this is the future of medicine, as these treatments and processes hold promise in many areas, including the management of heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, organ regeneration, cancer, and muscle/ tendon/cartilage issues.

Q: What is Regenerative Medicine?
A: Regenerative Medicine is a relatively new field of clinical practice that focuses on using the body’s own regenerative properties to heal injury, damage or disease, and to stimulate the process of rebuilding or regrowth of healthy bone, tissue and muscle in the body. Simply put, we take the body’s own building material, in concentrated form, and apply it where it is most needed for healing. It then signals the existing cells/material/muscle/tissue to rebuild itself.

Q: Why did OSC bring Regenerative Medicine to your practice?
A: The physicians at Orthopaedic & Spine Center are passionate about providing the most innovative, evidence-based treatments for our patients, to relieve their pain and restore their function. We believe that Regenerative Medicine – Stem Cell Treatments , PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections, and Prolotherapy – are the future of non-surgical orthopaedic and pain management clinical practice.

Q: Are your patients asking for stem cell treatment?
A: Some patients have heard about these treatments, but most have not. Many still think that it is space-age medicine or experimental medicine that is typically unavailable to the general public. Some believe it is a treatment available only to elite athletes. We want to change that perception and let people know that these treatments are available to anyone who meets the criteria for treatment.

Q: How do you envision Regenerative Medicine fitting into the existing services and treatments being offered at OSC?
A: We believe that Regenerative Medicine will provide the physicians at OSC with another non-surgical resource for treating patients who have severe pain and loss of function. While these treatments will not be appropriate for every patient that we see in our office, they will provide an excellent non-operative solution for certain patients with chronic and unresponsive musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Q: What type of patients are appropriate candidates for Regenerative Medicine Therapy?
A: The types of patients who would most benefit are the following:
1. Athletes who are struggling to recover from an injury or condition when other treatments have not been successful
2. Patients who are facing joint replacement but would like to try another non-operative treatment before having surgery
3. Patients who cannot have surgery due to health reasons who have chronic pain and dysfunction

Q: What type of patient would not be considered for Regenerative Medicine Therapy?
A: Those patients who have not tried other conservative treatment methodologies first. Also, patients who have extremely severe forms of disease, such as arthritis, where no good tissue, such as cartilage, survives. At this point in development, Stem cell therapy typically does not work well when there is no good native tissue with which to work.

Q: What types of conditions can be successfully treated by Regenerative Medicine Therapy?
A: Many musculoskeletal injuries, conditions and diseases can be successfully treated. The five major treatment groups are:
1. Tendinitis – Regenerative Medicine can stimulate tendon repair and strengthen weak ligaments surrounding the joint.
2. Bursitis – Regenerative Medicine can promote healing in the bursa sacs that are causing bursitis
3. Tendon Tears – Stimulates tendon regeneration via the body’s natural processes
4. Arthritis – Growth and anti-inflammatory properties are introduced, restoring the integrity of the joint
5. Athletes – Many injuries and conditions can be treated with Regenerative Medicine.

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