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Ronald Simmons – Patient Testimonial

Ronald Simmons
My problem started in July of 2014. I was having pain, numbness and tingling in my left arm. The pain was keeping me awake at night. After going to three different doctors and numerous x-rays and after having an MRI, I was recommended to see Dr. Jeffrey Carlson.
At my first appointment with Dr. Carson, he showed me right up front what was going on with my neck. He explained my options to me and we decided on the 3rd, which would be surgery. My surgery was scheduled 11 days later. My surgery was performed at Mary Immaculate Hospital.
I remember waking up after the surgery and holding up my left arm, free of pain, numbness and tingling….The next day I came home from the hospital with the neck brace on. I was completely off of all pain medication on the fourth day.
My follow up appointment was 11 days later and I was feeling great. Dr. Carlson said I was doing great, but I still had a few more weeks in the neck brace. With a few restrictions, I was able to carry on with my household chores and my favorite hobby of cooking.
This week, I went back to Dr. Carlson for my 28 day check-up…..I was one happy man when he took the neck brace off and told me that I have no restrictions and that everything looked great.. Dr. Carlson\’s office staff are all professional and caring…I would highly recommend Dr. Carlson and his staff……..

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