Second Time is A Charm!

Orthopaedic & Spine Center

I must say that having patience is not a characteristic that I would readily associate with myself and I absolutely despise waiting long for anything.  So, I truly was pleased that I began to feel REAL, NOTICEABLE relief after just a few days.  The best part was that it kept getting better and better.  For so long, I have been in pain from my neck, shoulder and arm, that I forgot how it felt not to have the burning, knife like pain constantly with me.  But, I happily report that I quickly got used to the pain-free feeling!  I was truly amazed that this time, my cervical epidural worked like a charm!  I did not experience arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain or anything.  I could sleep on my stomach again!  I could turn my head easily to look over my shoulder to back the car out of the driveway.  I could watch TV and not be crippled if I held my head in one position for too long.  I could lay on my husband’s chest in bed and not feel shooting pain when I did so.  This was astounding to me…how much of my life that I had changed, or how I had to make accommodation for my herniated disc and the pain.  I never really realized how much my life had been negatively impacted by its effects on things I normally take for granted.  I felt very blessed to have found something that helped me without having to resort to surgery.  I felt peaceful in the knowledge that I could be helped.  That was an amazing thing to feel.

My last EPI was on May 24th of 2011.  Until the end of October, I was almost completely pain free, unless I really did something to cause my neck to ache.  Around the first of November, I began to feel twinges again, in my neck and upper arm.  Drats!  I know that many other people have regular EPIs to maintain their pain free status, but I had hoped mine might last longer.  However, I am grateful that I was able to get 5 months of pain-free time and now, even though the pain is there, it is manageable.  I DO know that I will be returning to have another EPI soon; however, because I want to be pain-free again.  It really is astounding that I would be looking forward to having another injection into my spine.  After 47 years, I guess I am finally growing up and facing my fears!  Imagine that!

I’ll keep you posted on my continued progress.  Take care everyone!