Surgery Isn’t Always the Answer

Orthopaedic & Spine Center

Every patient is different, as is their pain and their needs for treatment. Surgery may not be right for you or your condition.  Being educated on all possible courses of treatment is not only encouraged by doctors, but required by many insurance companies. Orthopaedic and Spine Center’s free guide Surgery Isn’t Always the Answer explores conservative non-surgical routes for those who suffer from hip, knee, and spine pain. Here is a sneak peak of the information you’ll find when you download this valuable resource:

When living with pain in your hip, knees, or spine, relief and recovery may feel like it will never come. Whether it’s pain or discomfort from an injury, degenerative condition, or medical deformity there are treatment options available. In some cases, starting the process of conservative treatment can relieve the symptoms and even cure the problem completely. Talk to your orthopedic specialist about getting an evaluation and recommended course of treatment.

Conservative Treatments for Hip, Knee, and Spine Pain Include: 

  1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  2. Pain management mediations
  3. Physical therapy
  4. Ice and heat packs
  5. Corticosteroid injections
  6. Nerve block injections
  7. Massage
  8. Yoga
  9. Walking
  10. Swimming
  11. Stretching

Benefits of Early Surgical Treatment

In cases of severe pain and advanced osteoarthritis, doctors may recommend surgery early. If the surgical benefits outweigh the risks and conservative treatments are not working, surgery may be the best route. Minimally-invasive surgical treatments may still be available and have been found to have lower infection rates, blood loss, and pain.

Even with all of today’s medical and technological advances, surgery can be daunting.  Discover more conservative pain management options, insurance requirements, minimally-invasive surgical treatments and more. Download our free guide and begin the process of easing your hip, knee, and spine pain.