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Self-Care: What is it?

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve others from an empty vessel.” – Eleanor Brown This is the first article in a series about self-care. In the series, we will cover the various areas in life that require self-care. I will also provide suggestions on how to create your own self-care plan. In this article,… Read more »

Yoga and Chronic Pain – by Jane Heiby

We are delighted to welcome Jane Heiby as our guest blogger!  Thanks Jane, for the great article! I have been interested in health care and exercise all of my adult life.  In my late teens and early twenties, I was training as a registered nurse and skiing in almost equal measure.  I loved exercise and… Read more »

Dr. F. Cal Robinson Lectures at International Psychology Conference in Toronto

Our own Dr. Cal Robinson was a featured presenter this week at the Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Sciences Conference, being held May 01-03 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This year’s theme is Transforming Mental Health care through application of Positive Psychology with Psychotherapy & promoting a Science of Mindfulness for Well-being. Dr. Robinson joined a distinguished panel… Read more »

August Lecture Topic: Managing Pain from Peripheral Neuropathy: Treatment Options for a Better Life

Come to OSC for our August 2016 Community Lecture Series!   Peripheral Neuropathy can be caused by diabetes, viruses or auto-immune diseases. Join Dr. Jenny Andrus as she discusses treatments effective for decreasing pain, tingling, burning and numbness in the limbs and improving function.  You may find that the best pain relief options often do not require the… Read more »

Chronic Pain: Using Healthy Thinking

By Cal Robinson, PsyD, MSCP Living with pain can be hard, especially if it’s long-term—or chronic—pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for 3 months or longer. It can make you sleep poorly, feel tired and irritable, and have a hard time being active or working. It may strain your relationships with loved ones too,… Read more »

Cause and Treatment of Golfer's and Tennis Elbow

   Dr Robert Snyder, Orthopaedic Specialist with Orthopaedic & Spine Center in Newport News VA   Dr Bob Snyder deals with two common conditions of the elbow, which typically present as tenderness and pain, either on the inside of the elbow (Golfer’s Elbow)  or on the outside (Tennis Elbow). In both cases the site of… Read more »

Diagnosing and Treating Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

I’ve Had Surgery for my Back Problem:  Why do I Still Have Chronic Pain? Raj N. Sureja, MD In my last blog, I discussed the theories about why Failed Back Surgery Syndrome occurs and what pre-existing conditions can make a patient more likely to develop this syndrome. In this entry, I will detail how I… Read more »

I’ve Had Surgery for my Back Problem: Why do I Still Have Chronic Pain?

Raj N. Sureja, MD on Chronic Pain Post-Surgery Interventional Pain Management at Orthopaedic & Spine Center In this blog post, I will define Failed Surgery Syndrome and help the reader understand why this condition can occur. In my practice as an Interventional Pain Management Specialist, I see people who have had surgery for a specific… Read more »

Diagnosing Peripheral Neuropathy by Dr Jenny Andrus M.D.

Dr Jenny L. Andrus, MD an Interventional Pain Management specialist with Orthopaedic & Spine Center, shares her insight into the diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy In my last blog post, I explained the causes for and the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy (PN).  In my post today, I will outline how PN is diagnosed and discuss some… Read more »

OSCs Dr Jenny Andrus on Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy

Chronic Pain and Interventional Pain Management by Jenny L. Andrus, MD As an Interventional Pain Management Specialist at the Orthopaedic & Spine Center, I treat many patients who are suffering with chronic pain caused by peripheral neuropathy. Often, a patient will come to me frustrated by the symptoms and functional limitations caused by peripheral neuropathy…. Read more »