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Eyewitness to a Kyphoplasty

Marketing Coordinator for Orthopaedic & Spine Center on Kyphoplasty As a marketing coordinator for the Orthopaedic & Spine Center, I spend a lot of time in our community telling people what services OSC offers and what our physicians do on a daily basis. I talk about different treatment options, procedures, physical therapy, MRIs, and more…. Read more »

Different Types of Epidurals

An Overview of the Different Types of Epidural Injection Used for Interventional Pain Management Did you know that there are different types of epidural steroid injections? Everyone thinks of an epidural as the procedure you have to relieve pain and make you go numb before having a baby. But, this kind of epidural is different… Read more »

Pain Relief Results After a Steroidal Epidural

A Real-Life OSC Patient Tells of Their Pain Relief Experience My last post dealt with the yucky after-effects experience with the epidural were over (1 day max), I eagerly began waiting to see if I would feel relief. When they put the steroid medication into  your epidural space, they use numbing medication.  This numbing medication… Read more »

MRI Results with Dr Mark McFarland Orthopaedic Associate

Diagnosing Causes of Orthopedic Pain in the Neck and Spine Almost immediately after my MRI was completed, I was able to walk over to the OSC physician station where Dr. Mark McFarland was working and have him pull up my MRI results. Dr McFarland is one of only two doctors on the Peninsula to be fellowship-trained in… Read more »

Don Hollomon Hip Replacement

If you haven’t heard already, the Orthopaedic & Spine Center is now offering outpatient total joint replacement.  Recently, Dr. Mark McFarland performed an outpatient hip replacement on Mr. Don Holllomon.  14 days later, here’s Mr. Hollomon going up and down his stairs. Pretty impressive.  If you’re interested in outpatient total joint replacement, please contact us… Read more »