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Do You Need an Interventional Pain Management Specialist?

  by Interventional Pain Management Specialist Dr Raj Sureja M.D.   Interventional Pain Management is considered a sub-specialty of pain management and is a relatively new area of medicine. It is termed “interventional” because we try to identify the root cause of a person’s pain (called the “pain generator”) and then use a variety of… Read more »

Spinal Fusion Update from Shannon Woods

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last blogged about my experiences with my herniated cervical disc, so I thought it would be appropriate to give you an update… After what was a relatively long period of being able to manage my discomfort from my disc herniation, about 3 months ago, things started… Read more »

Interventional Pain Treatment for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

I’ve Had Surgery for my Back Problem: Why do I Still Have Chronic Pain? Part 5 Raj N. Sureja, MD – Interventional Pain Management Specialist with OSC In my last blog I detailed how I diagnose and begin conservative treatment on a patient who suffers from Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.  In this post, I discuss… Read more »

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome and Medical Theory

I’ve Had Surgery for my Back Problem: Why do I Still Have Chronic Pain? Part 3 Raj N. Sureja, MD In my last blog, I listed some of the factors that may play a role in causing surgeries not to be successful, when their purpose was to facilitate the reduction of pain. Here, I will… Read more »

Understanding Failed Back Surgery Syndrome by Dr Raj Sureja MD

Dr Raj Sureja MD is an Interventional Pain Management Specialist with Orthopaedic & Spine Center In my first blog post about Failed Surgery Syndrome, I tried to define the condition and why it can happen.  While surgery failures can sometimes be attributed to poor surgical technique or physician malpractice, more often than not it happens… Read more »

I’ve Had Surgery for my Back Problem: Why do I Still Have Chronic Pain?

Raj N. Sureja, MD on Chronic Pain Post-Surgery Interventional Pain Management at Orthopaedic & Spine Center In this blog post, I will define Failed Surgery Syndrome and help the reader understand why this condition can occur. In my practice as an Interventional Pain Management Specialist, I see people who have had surgery for a specific… Read more »