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The Top Five Musculoskeletal Problems Treated at OSC

  by Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD I have been an Orthopaedic Specialist at OSC since 1999.  During that time, I have seen thousands of patients who have presented with various complaints of pain and dysfunction.  Recently, I was asked to name the top problems for which we treat patients at OSC and the causes for… Read more »

Surgery Isn’t Always the Answer

Every patient is different, as is their pain and their needs for treatment. Surgery may not be right for you or your condition.  Being educated on all possible courses of treatment is not only encouraged by doctors, but required by many insurance companies. Orthopaedic and Spine Center’s free guide Surgery Isn’t Always the Answer explores… Read more »

Ilio-Tibial Band Pain and Inflammation of the Hip, Upper Leg and Knee

Ever heard of the Ilio-tibial Band?  No, it is not the hottest group of rockers out of the UK, introducing their latest video on MTV and appearing soon with Lady Gaga.  The IT Band is a large, fibrous sheath of connective tissue which attaches at the hip and runs the length of the femur to… Read more »