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Orthopaedic & Spine Center Brings the Strongest Open MRI to the Peninsula

Hitachi OASIS Open MRI and Enhanced Orthopedic Imaging Orthopaedic & Spine Center (OSC) of Newport News is excited to welcome the newest addition to our family: a Hitachi Oasis Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). This new machine will be the most powerful open MRI on the Peninsula, and will be open for business on September… Read more »

Spinal Stenosis Diagnosis Examinations and Tests

Exams and Tests to Diagnose Spinal Stenosis by Dr Mark McFarland DO of Orthopaedic & Spine Center In my last blog post I outlined what spinal stenosis is and how it can affect you, causing severe back pain and neck pain. Today, we look at how spinal stenosis is diagnosed. If you find you are… Read more »

MRI Results with Dr Mark McFarland Orthopaedic Associate

Diagnosing Causes of Orthopedic Pain in the Neck and Spine Almost immediately after my MRI was completed, I was able to walk over to the OSC physician station where Dr. Mark McFarland was working and have him pull up my MRI results. Dr McFarland is one of only two doctors on the Peninsula to be fellowship-trained in… Read more »

Having an MRI Test with OSC’s Open MRI

Open MRI Scanning Technology at OSC After my initial examination by an orthopedic associate at OSC I had my MRI, which was not unpleasant at all.  Many people become claustrophobic inside enclosed spaces, but the MRI at OSC is open in the back and on the sides (an “Open MRI”), so it certainly doesn’t not… Read more »