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What is Phantom Pain by Dr Jenny Andrus MD

by Jenny L. Andrus, MD – Interventional Pain Management Specialist Orthopaedic & Spine Center In this blog post, I will discuss the phenomenon of Phantom pain and define for the reader how it manifests in patients, describing symptoms typically seen in those who have had limbs amputated. Phantom limb pain has been recognized for centuries… Read more »

Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr Jenny L. Andrus, MD shares her thoughts on treating Peripheral Neuropathy In my last blog entry, I examined the different ways that Peripheral Nueropathy (PN) can be diagnosed.  In this entry, I will list the different treatment options available for PN and the benefits of each. How is peripheral neuropathy treated? The goal of… Read more »

Knee Pain Relief and the Confessions of a Big Baby

Written by an Orthopaedic & Spine Center Staffer (who shall remain anonymous) My knees ache! Carrying around this extra weight for all these years is not helping. “Lose weight”, says my doctor. How can I exercise to get the weight off when my knees are so painful? It is a vicious cycle: Lose weight with… Read more »

E (Epidural) Day – Interventional Pain Management

Pain Relief through an Epidural Following from my last post, with much fear and trembling, I checked in to the OSC MRI and Fluoroscopy Waiting Room for my Cervical Epidural.  I was taken into the Fluroscopy Suite by Mary, Dr. Sureja’s nurse and by one of our Radiology techs, Debbie.  They gave me a gown to change… Read more »