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Lateral Epicondylitis or Tennis Elbow Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Tennis Elbow? But I Don’t Even Own a Racquet! Robert J. Snyder, M.D. The term “tennis elbow” is misleading because most times a diagnosis is not related to leisure or sports activities. Tennis elbow presents when patients overwork the tendons with repetitive motions of the wrist and arm. Patients who often suffer from this condition… Read more »

Diagnosing and Treating Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

I’ve Had Surgery for my Back Problem:  Why do I Still Have Chronic Pain? Raj N. Sureja, MD In my last blog, I discussed the theories about why Failed Back Surgery Syndrome occurs and what pre-existing conditions can make a patient more likely to develop this syndrome. In this entry, I will detail how I… Read more »

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome and Medical Theory

I’ve Had Surgery for my Back Problem: Why do I Still Have Chronic Pain? Part 3 Raj N. Sureja, MD In my last blog, I listed some of the factors that may play a role in causing surgeries not to be successful, when their purpose was to facilitate the reduction of pain. Here, I will… Read more »

Phantom Pain and its Treatment by Dr Jenny Andrus MD

Orthopaedic & Spine Center operates a dedicated team of interventional pain management specialists, which includes Dr Jenny Andrus MD In my last blog post, I discussed the possible causes of Phantom pain and the medications that are commonly used to treat those symptoms.  In this post, I will talk about other treatments that offer relief… Read more »

What is Phantom Pain by Dr Jenny Andrus MD

by Jenny L. Andrus, MD – Interventional Pain Management Specialist Orthopaedic & Spine Center In this blog post, I will discuss the phenomenon of Phantom pain and define for the reader how it manifests in patients, describing symptoms typically seen in those who have had limbs amputated. Phantom limb pain has been recognized for centuries… Read more »

Treating Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr Jenny L. Andrus, MD shares her thoughts on treating Peripheral Neuropathy In my last blog entry, I examined the different ways that Peripheral Nueropathy (PN) can be diagnosed.  In this entry, I will list the different treatment options available for PN and the benefits of each. How is peripheral neuropathy treated? The goal of… Read more »

Different Types of Epidurals

An Overview of the Different Types of Epidural Injection Used for Interventional Pain Management Did you know that there are different types of epidural steroid injections? Everyone thinks of an epidural as the procedure you have to relieve pain and make you go numb before having a baby. But, this kind of epidural is different… Read more »

Once, Twice, Three Times an Epidural!

A Real -Life OSC Patient Talks About Her Pain Management Experience and Use of Epidurals Hello, it’s me! (that was also the title of a great Todd Rungren song in the 70s) Yes, I am back again and this time, it is to talk about having epidurals, not once, not twice, but three or more… Read more »

My Second Steroidal Epidural Procedure!

A Patient’s Journey to Pain Relief with OSC Orthopedic Associates After my initial epidural procedure failed to give me as much pain relief as I was hoping for, Dr Mark McFarland recommended I try a second cortisone procedure before moving to the surgical option to remove the herniated disk. I head into to see Dr…. Read more »

Pain Relief Results After a Steroidal Epidural

A Real-Life OSC Patient Tells of Their Pain Relief Experience My last post dealt with the yucky after-effects experience with the epidural were over (1 day max), I eagerly began waiting to see if I would feel relief. When they put the steroid medication into  your epidural space, they use numbing medication.  This numbing medication… Read more »