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Interventional Pain Management Provides Innovative Pain Relief

Raj Sureja, MD

According to the latest statistics from the CDC, more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic, debilitating pain . Chronic pain is the number one cause for disability in America, accounts for more than 80% of all physician visits, leads to time off work and billions of dollars in lost productivity. Chronic pain affects women… Read more »

OSC Physical Therapy – Changing to Better Serve You During the COVID-19 Crisis

For the safety and convenience of our patients, we’re now available for consults and evaluations immediately following your in-office visit with your OSC Physician or provider a few days per week. If physical therapy is recommended, you may choose to have physical therapy at the OSC Physical Therapy Clinic or with a non-OSC therapy provider. … Read more »

Common Causes of Heel Pain and How Physical Therapy May Help

Jonathan Lorusso, LPTA At OSC, our orthopaedic physicians treat many patients who complain of heel pain caused by a tendon or ligament that is inflamed and angry.  As an OSC Physical Therapist Assistant, I’m referred these patients to help them overcome their heel pain through exercise and the use of specific modalities designed to reduce… Read more »

What’s so great about Stretching, Anyway?

Cody Leeworthy, DPT

Cody Leeworthy, DPT As a Physical Therapist, I’m often asked about stretching by my patients.  “Why should I stretch?  When should I stretch?  How often should I stretch?”  We all know how fantastic a good stretch feels, especially when rising from bed or from a day of sitting at our desks.  Common sense tells us… Read more »

The Role of the Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant at OSC

Frederick Wintermantel III, LPTA Physical Therapy is an important part of the treatment plan for many of the Orthopaedic and Pain Management patients seen daily by the physicians at OSC.  These patients may have a sports-related injury, may have been injured at work or maybe suffering from the aches and pains associated with arthritis.  Whatever… Read more »

Cupping Therapy | Dry Cupping

by Jim Koske, MPT Cupping Therapy has been used by health practitioners since ancient times.  The Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese all practiced forms of cupping 3000 years ago.  It was believed that cupping could suck ill “humors” or spirits from the body and was practiced alongside blood-letting and the use of leeches in the medieval… Read more »

Thermal Therapy with Moist Heat

Joshua Hancock, PTA If you were to look inside any busy Physical Therapy Clinic, you would observe a variety of treatments and modalities being used to help patients feel better and restore their function after injury, illness or surgery.  The application of heat is a thermal modality commonly used in a rehabilitative setting to bring… Read more »

Should Patients with Osteoarthritis be Treated with Physical Therapy First?  A New Study Provides Evidence

Tom Toothaker, DPT A recent study published in Arthritis Care & Research posited that Physical Therapy seems to be underutilized when it comes to the treatment of Osteoarthritis (OA).  They looked at the treatments being provided to patients with OA who were participating in three clinical trials at Duke University Medical Center Primary Care, UNC… Read more »

What are Modalities and how are they Used in Physical Therapy?

 by Victoria Bartnikowski, LPTA Dictionary.com defines a modality as: “Medicine/Medical- the application of a therapeutic agent, usually a physical therapeutic agent”. It is also expected that the use of a modality will produce some sort of physiologic response or change. So, it follows that treatments that we provide to patients for their musculoskeletal problems can… Read more »