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Ten Tips for Having a Great New Patient Appointment at OSC

There is a first time for everything…a first kiss, a first ride on a rollercoaster or a first visit to the DMV office. While these “firsts” can be exciting, memorable or traumatic, we want your first visit to Orthopaedic & Spine Center to be an enjoyable experience that goes very smoothly from start to finish. Here are some tips for you to help us make your appointment be the best that it can be for you:
1. When making your appointment with OSC, please be specific about the reason for your visit – “I am having left knee pain. It has been going on for 2 weeks, after I fell from a ladder. It is worse in the morning and when I bend it. It is swollen. It helps the pain when I take ibuprofen and put ice on my knee.”
2. Please let the appointment scheduler know if you have been seen in the ER, an Urgent Care Center or at another physician office.
3. Kindly sign up for the OSC Patient Portal before your appointment
4. We would appreciate your completion of the patient medical history forms on-line before your appointment
5. Please bring the following to your appointment:
a. Your current insurance card or information
b. A PCP referral for a specialist visit, if required by your insurance
c. A list of your current medications, vitamins and supplements
d. The number/address of your preferred pharmacy to your appointment
e. Any questions you want to ask your physician
f. Any diagnostic imaging (x-rays, MRI, CTs) taken of problem recently
6. You should expect to have x-rays taken – please wear comfortable, easily-removable clothing with a minimum of jewelry – the following items are not recommended to be worn for x-rays and may have to be removed:
a. Underwire bras or bras with heavy hook closures
b. Denim Clothing
c. Wigs held in place with multiple bobby pins
d. Highly-ornamented clothing, with;
i. Metal studs
ii. Zippers
iii. Metal buttons
7. Please understand that your vital signs (blood pressure, weight, height, pulse) will be checked by a medical assistant before you see the doctor
8. You may be asked to change into an examination gown before your x-rays are taken or before you are examined by your physician
9. You may be asked questions that you already answered in your pre-visit paperwork. We double-check information for your safety and to make sure that we fulfill all government mandates for gathering required patient information.
10. Don’t forget to let us know how you are doing after treatment by sending a communication to your physician on the OSC Patient Portal!

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