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Three Top Reasons for Holiday Injuries

Robert J. Snyder, MDRobert J. Snyder, MD

Did you know that Emergency Rooms experience a higher volume of specific types of injuries over the holidays?  Some have more to do with cooking, like cuts from chopping food and burns from candles, fireplaces, ovens or stoves, but many are orthopaedic issues.  In this article, I will discuss those that are commonly seen at this time of year.

Falling off a ladder/chair/step stool – Whether you are putting up or taking down Christmas decorations, reaching for Grandma’s special holiday platter on the top shelf, or cleaning dust off the ceiling fan for those visiting relatives, teetering on a ladder, chair or stool and falling to the ground is a very common injury during the holidays.

Injury types – These can be anything from broken bones to sprains and strains, concussions, back and neck injuries

Lifting a heavy Christmas tree/decoration boxes – During the holiday season, we often try to accomplish a great deal in a short period of time, and decorating is no exception. Moving heavy objects without preparation or conditioning is an ideal recipe for an injury.

Injury types – Most often, back strains and sprains, but bulging or herniated spinal discs can also occur.  Rotator cuff, biceps, triceps and deltoid injuries may also happen.

Activities while celebrating too much – Who doesn’t love a great touch football game with cousins you haven’t seen in years?  Maybe you’d rather play cornhole or beach volleyball. Add a little egg nogg, mulled wine, or holiday punch to the game and it’s a party!  When judgment and coordination become even slightly impaired, falls and injuries tend to occur.

Injury types – Broken bones (especially wrists and forearms from trying to catch oneself from the fall), sprains and strains, twisted ankles, bruises and contusions

As an Orthopaedic specialist, I can help you recover from any of these injuries.  But an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  First, be careful and safe.  Use caution when decorating and dismantling decorations, lifting and moving heavy boxes and loads.  Have fun with your family and friends but use some common sense as well!  HAPPY HOLDAYS!

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