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Truth Bomb: REVolution Temperature Check

New Year’s REVolution: How is it mid-March already? It’s time for a REVolution temperature check. At the beginning of the year, I wrote about my new year’s REVolution to be kinder, fierce, unstoppable, and braver. I’m here to \’fess up\’ and share an update.
Kinder – A priority of mine is to be kinder to my family. To me, that means being more patient and present. I have a husband and two small children who are 4 ½ and 2 ½ . They are curious, busy, and hilarious. They are mini tornados, which definitely keeps life interesting. My husband has been traveling for work quite a bit, so I have had A LOT of practice polishing my skills in patience and presence. It’s been challenging, but I have been successful in letting some things just GO. I have an expectations problem, which I just recently acknowledged and now I am attempting to understand its manifestation. I know that I am not alone in this: I expect things to go a certain way and I get frustrated when they do not go the way I expected. This is surely a lifelong lesson for all of us with this mindset, but YOU have the power to evolve that part of yourself, if you want to.
Fierce and Unstoppable – This means persistent, unrelenting, persevering. I have consistently set my alarm for 5am, woken up, put on running clothes, and gone running in the cold (only when my husband is home). I feel fierce and unstoppable, and the fact that I feel it is the most important thing. It’s subjective, so own it if you feel it!
Braver – I’ve tapped my inner braveness in ways that are a bit too personal to share in this forum, but I am proud of choices I have made and what is driving those choices. I have spent time listening to Brené Brown talk about being brave and vulnerable. I highly recommend getting to know her if you haven’t already. She is a shame and vulnerability researcher who writes and speaks based on her research (She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it fascinating!)
We’re ever-evolving and we need to give ourselves the space, grace, and respect to acknowledge this. We’re never going to be perfect, so decide what’s important to you, and strive for it, whether it’s kind, patient, relaxed, brave. When we feel good on the inside, the outside slowly begins to match.
Did you commit to a New Year’s Resolution or REVolution? How’s it going for you?

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