Two Easy Ways To Improve Bone Health

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Diet Advice for Orthopedic Health from OSC

At Orthopaedic & Spine Center we encourage our patients to have routine bone density tests and provide patients of ways to keep their bones in good health. Genetics do play a part in how healthy a person’s bones are, but that’s not the only factor. There are ways a person can reverse poor bone health such as eating the right foods and exercise.

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People have grown to believe that dairy is the leading food group to provide strong bones. This is true to a certain extent but the calcium these products supply to our bodies also needs vitamin D to absorb the calcium. Leafy greens are also a good source of calcium someone should consider when planning a healthy bone health diet.

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Not only is eating right helpful in creating strong bones but exercise as well. Weight bearing exercise can help to strengthen a person’s bones. Exercises include swimming, lifting weights, yoga, etc.

Performing these routines in your daily life will not only make your bones stronger but also help physical and mental well being. OSC encourages all of our patients to live a healthy lifestyle, and by doing this will be able to live a longer healthy life.