Two Questions about the ROMTech Bike for Knee Replacement Surgery Rehab at Home (Webchat Questions)

Orthopaedic & Spine Center



Moderated by Boyd W. Haynes III, MD

If my insurance doesn’t cover the ROMTech® bike, can I rent it?

I love motivated patients!  It has been my experience that most insurance companies fully cover the ROMTech® bike, for about three weeks of patient usage in their home while rehabilitating from knee replacement surgery.  After three weeks of covered use, the patient is typically offered to rent the bike from the company at a negotiated rated which is fairly inexpensive per day.

If your insurance company is one of the few that doesn’t cover this service, then the company will provide you with rate per day or week, payable by cash, check or credit card

Is the ROMTech® bike available without the telehealth feature?

You can certainly use the ROMTech® bike without the telehealth feature. But that feature is valuable to me, your orthopaedic surgeon, as it allows me to get your real-time movement data to know how your recovery is progressing and compare your data to all the other people that are in the data set. The patient’s name and pertinent data are never revealed to anyone except to the prescribing physician.  I can then order changes to your at-home routine as needed, customized just for your recovery.

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