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We are Listening to You!

At OSC, we want our patients to feel delighted, not only with the the medical care they receive, but with ALL aspects of our service.  Happily, we don\’t get many complaints, but when we do, it is almost always about wait times in the office.  Even though some delays are beyond our control, NO ONE likes waiting, and we understand your concerns.
We have established a task force of managers & employees to address this problem and we are looking at many options, from installing check-in kiosks, to texting patients if a physician is running behind, and changing our internal workflows to better accommodate our patients.  To track all suggestions and staff input, our Administrator, Alan Leybold, created a wall chart to help keep us on track.
Take a look at our Patient Work Flow Chart.
We know that with a talented team like ours, we will be able to find solutions that work to keep our physicians on time and you on schedule.  Stay tuned for updates!

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