When Can I Vape Again After Orthopaedic Surgery? (A Web Chat Question)

Orthopaedic & Spine Center

Moderated by Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Carlson

My answer is never.  Use the break that your surgery afforded you as a great opportunity to quit your smoking habit for good.  Smoking/vaping is very detrimental to healing after orthopaedic surgery especially as bone needs high levels of oxygen rich red blood cells to repair and mend after surgery.  Smoking/vaping increases your risk for post-surgical complications, including dampening the immune system, increasing your chance for a cardiac event and/or an infection.  There are many studies that show smoking/vaping increases musculoskeletal pain, which may also increase post-surgical recovery time and make it more difficult.  Is returning to your vape pen worth it?

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