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Dr Jenny Andrus MD

Breathing Techniques for Natural Pain Relief

Jenny L. F. Andrus, M.D. Purposeful relaxation calms the mind, decreases stress hormones, relaxes muscles, reduces blood pressure, and may elevate your sense of peace and well-being. That sounds amazing, right? For many of us, especially those living with chronic

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Electromyography (EMG)

by Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD Electromyography (EMG) is a diagnostic procedure that is used to reveal the health or dysfunction that exists in nerves, muscles or in how the two communicate with each other.  The motor neurons are the specialized

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What is Nociceptive Pain?

by Jenny L. F. Andrus, MD How do you describe pain?  When I talk to my patients about pain, they may use descriptions like stinging, burning or throbbing, dull or sharp, intermittent or constant.  They may tell me to envision

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