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Dr. John D. Burrow

Total Knee Revision

by Dr. John Burrow Knee pain. It’s what drives thousands of people to seek a physician’s opinion every year. Many will be prescribed anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, or given a steroid injection to reduce inflammation. Some will have a clear

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Septic or Infectious Arthritis

By Dr. John Burrow We don’t often think of arthritis as being caused by an infectious agent, but rather consider it to be a byproduct of old age or something caused by an auto-immune disease. However, arthritis can occasionally be

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November OSC Community Lecture – John D. Burrow, DO

Overcoming Arthritis Pain: Effective Treatments for the Hips and Knees Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 at 7:00 PM OSC, 250 Nat Turner Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23606 Dr. John Burrow is Fellowship-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon who specializes in Joint Replacement and Revision

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Prepatellar Bursitis (Housemaid’s Knee)

You may have heard the term Housemaid’s Knee before, but you may not understand that this term applies to the medical condition that can affect anyone whose occupation requires them to spend time on their knees. It is also identified

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