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Dr. Raj N. Sureja MD

Ten Natural Pain Relievers for Chronic Pain

Raj N. Sureja, MD Chronic pain affects millions of people worldwide, significantly reducing quality of life and leading to other health problems such as depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. Natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular due to concerns about the

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Naproxen Sodium

Raj N. Sureja, MD In two previous articles, Dr. Andrus discussed two over-the-counter analgesics, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen, that are commonly used for the treatment of pain. In this article, I will discuss the third of the trio, Naproxen Sodium, better

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Genicular Nerve Blocks for Chronic Knee Pain

Raj N. Sureja, MD As an Interventional Pain Management Physician, I treat patients with therapies designed to address their chronic pain with injection procedures as an alternative to surgery.  One of the more challenging pain issues I see is chronic

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What is Norepinephrine?

Raj N. Sureja, MD As an Interventional Pain Management Physician, I often work with patients who suffer from nerve-related chronic pain aka neuropathic pain.  It is very important for me to understand how nerves function and communicate with one another and

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