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Dr Robert J Snyder MD

How Not to Have Healthy Knees

Dr. Bob Snyder, an Orthopaedic Specialist who regularly treats patients with knee problems, tells us what to do if we DON’T want to have Healthy, Pain-Free Knees: 1. Gain all of the weight you want! 2. Don’t exercise, but if

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How Can I Make My Knee Stop Hurting?

  A community lecture by OSC specialist, Dr Robert Snyder     Dr Snyder takes us through the anatomy of the knee, and how the knee develops and is affected by age from infancy to senior years. The lecture also

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Introduction to Knee Arthroscopy

OSC\'s Dr Robert J Snyder on Knee Arthroscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery Background Up until about 1975, the majority of knee operations were done through large, open incisions.  Patients usually stayed in the hospital for a few days and the

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