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Using the Brain to Control Pain

Andrew L. Martin, PsyD. We've known for a long time that activity in the thought and emotion centers of the brain can dramatically affect how much pain we experience from injuries, disease, or normal aging. In fact, clinical psychologists treat

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Post-Herpetic Neuropathy – Part III

Jenny L. F. Andrus, MD In part III of this series, we’ll discuss the latest conservative treatments for Post Herpetic Neuropathy. Have you ever heard the adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  When it comes

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Post-Herpetic Neuropathy – Part II

Jenny L. F. Andrus, MD In Part I of this three-part series of articles, we defined what post herpetic neuropathy was, how it was caused and how if differs from post-herpetic neuralgia, even though the two terms are sometimes used

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Post-Herpetic Neuropathy – Part I

Jenny L. F. Andrus, MD  In my practice as a busy Interventional Pain Management Specialist, I treat patients who suffer from a wide variety of painful issues, whether it be from injury, aging or from an illness, acquired condition or

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