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Hip Dislocation – Part II

John D. Burrow, DO  In my last article, I discussed hip anatomy and the reasons for hip dislocation and which persons were more at risk for this issue.  In Part II, I will highlight the symptoms of hip dislocation and

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Hip Dislocation – Part I

John D. Burrow, DO In my busy practice as an orthopaedic surgeon, I regularly treat patients who have injuries or conditions related to the health of their hip which may require long term care or even surgery.  I have treated

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Improving the Healing of Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD, MBA, CPE, FAAOS  As patients prepare for low back surgery that involves fusing the spinal bones together, I’m often asked what can be done to make the outcome of the procedure successful.   Success is usually defined

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Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction FAQ

Mark W. McFarland, DO This three-part FAQ will provide detailed information on sacroiliac joint dysfunction and answer frequently asked questions about this condition, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and available treatments. Where are the Sacroiliac joints? If you look at the

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Twalking Injuries – What are They?

Boyd W. Haynes III, MD What is Twalking? Twalking, the act of texting while walking, has become increasingly prevalent in our world. Everyone does it, right? While seemingly harmless, this behavior causes people to injure themselves often because, while texting and

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