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Psychogenic Pain

  Jenny L. F. Andrus, MD “Psychogenic pain” is pain that doesn’t have a directly attributable physical cause, like a broken bone or a cut on a finger.  There is no distinguishable reason for the pain to exist, but it

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Twalking Injuries – What are They?

Boyd W. Haynes III, MD Twalking, the act of texting while walking, has become increasingly prevalent in our world. Everyone does it, right?  While seemingly harmless, this behavior causes people to injure themselves often because, while texting and walking, they

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What is Nociplastic Pain? 

Jenny L.F. Andrus, MD Clinicians have long held that there are two types of pain – nociceptive (the type of sensation or pain you feel when there is damage to your body tissues, think stepping on a tack) and neuropathic

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Why am I Afraid To Go To The Doctor?

Andrew L. Martin, PsyD Disliking going to the doctor is pretty common. About one third of all adults have avoided doctor visits that they knew were necessary.1 About 25% of older adults report avoiding medical visits2. So why don’t we

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder vs. Complex PTSD

Andrew L. Martin, PsyD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  is a well-established psychological condition, recognized since 1980 by most mental health and medical organizations. Complex PTSD is a relatively new condition, recognized by some organizations (e.g., World Health Organization), but not

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Persistent Depressive Disorder

Andrew L. Martin, PsyD Persistent Depressive Disorder (once called Dysthymia), or PDD, is a relatively long-lasting, milder form of depression, compared to Major Depressive Disorder.1 Because PDD begins gradually and lasts so long, many sufferers may not be aware of

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The Stages of Bone Healing After a Fracture

  Mark W. McFarland, DO Bone fractures are a common form of skeletal injury that affect individuals of all ages which undergo a complex and coordinated process of healing. This article provides a comprehensive review of the stages of human

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